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Privacy Policy

At Leathers Club, we know that maintaining the privacy of your data is one of the major priorities, when you are shopping online. Therefore, we always ensure to keep all your personal details safe from any kind of misuse. We collect your data from the records you offer while registering with us for placing the order. Generally, we require all our customers to provide their name, mailing address, e-mail address and at least one telephone number for contacting them. These details are required only when you are placing an order with us and not for viewing our catalogues.

The data that we collect from you, be it your personal records or your feedback and testimonials, we preserve it for improving our service. We also preserve your records for making our customer service better and serve you in the best way. If there is any delay in the shipping of your product, we use your personal records to update you about the changes. Financial records and personal records that we collect from our customers are neither exchanged nor sold or transferred. Therefore, you can always be at peace. Yes, we do use your data to send you mails for informing you about any promotional offer, special deals or contests that we launch from time to time. We also send you mails for updating about the latest collections.

To protect your privacy with us, we conduct all our transactions through secured server. Financial information that is offered by our customers during the transaction is protected by SSL technology. All data are encrypted before processing them in our payment gateway, to ensure confidentiality. Therefore, you can use your Debit Cards, Credit Cards or any other financial information without any worry. Also note, that we never store any of your financial information or record the social security numbers on our servers.

To ensure a hassle free transaction, we request our clients and customers to check out the terms and conditions for using our site. Liability limitations and disclaimers regarding our site are offered distinctly on our website. When you use our site, we consider that you have read through the privacy policy of the site and have complete consent to it. If there is any changes in our privacy policy, we will update the page so that, you can go through it before placing any order with us.