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Delivery & Returns

All leather jackets are manufactured by us assure high quality genuine leather. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we double check every product before shipping. However, still if you are somehow not satisfied with the final product, you can always get in touch with us for return or exchange of your purchase. To make the return and exchange policy hassle free for our clients, we offer simple terms for return and exchange. Just check them out before sending back your products to us.

If you find the size or the design of the jacket is not as per your specification drop us mail immediately and send back the item to us. In case, you find any fault in the customization or the stitching of the garments, we request you to take a high resolution image of the area and send a mail with the image. Also send the product to us; we will be happy to offer you the perfectly crafted item. In case, you want some additions and alterations of the product, which you have not mentioned while placing the order, you can also contact us and we will be ready to offer you our best services.

When you return the product to us, your product must be given back or exchanged in its real unused condition along with its original packing, company purchasing specific documents and specification tags otherwise we will not accept your item for refund/exchange. Also send us the tags attached to the jacket. If the buyer selects the wrong size then we will not be responsible at all. In case, you made a mistake while placing the order, we might not be able to replace the jacket for free (deducting shipping charges). We can make the necessary improvisations in customization and stitching of jackets but we will not be able to replace a customized jacket with a new one.

Also note that we do not refund the costs for gift wrapping or shipping of the product. After 30 days your return will not be accepted at any cost so if you want to return/exchange your product you must do it within the mentioned time frame. For ensuring a hassle free exchange of product, we request you to select the same courier, which has delivered the item. In case, you opt for others, do not forget to mention the tracking number. Courier charges are not paid by us. If there is fault from our side, we will only return the price of the jacket. We also do not bear the fees for online transaction.

Refunds due to did not like the item, change my mind etc or wrong size selection, actual shipping amount will be deducted from the refund, this will be done even if the shipping was set to FREE for the items because apparently we pay for that from our profit 

Once we receive the product, we take a maximum of a fortnight to process your payment or ship the modified product. We expect your kind cooperation with us, so that we can serve you in the best way. For further assistance drop us a  mail at info@leathersclub.com or contact us through contact form.